William Collins Inheritance and Natural History (Collins New Naturalist

Ever wondered why primroses have three sorts of flowers; or about pesticide resistance in rats and mice, mosquitoes green fly; antibiotic in disease organisms all are examples of genetical adjustment, explained in this book. This


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Routledge The Official History of North Sea Oil and Gas

Written by the leading expert in UK petroleum economics, this study provides a new, unique, in depth analysis of development of British policies towards North Sea oil and gas industry from early 1960s to 1980s. Drawin


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Smashwords Edition Superstorm Encyclopedia: Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms,

Earth's most powerful storms hurricanes and tornadoes are the subject of this massive 1700 page report with authoritative coverage of all aspects of these deadly superstorms: meteorology, forecasting, history, safety, preparedness, research, a


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Palgrave Macmillan Transnationalism, Nationalism and Australian History

Using Australian history as a case study, this collection explores the ways national identities still resonate in historical scholarship and reexamines key moments in through a transnational lens, raising important questions abo


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T & T Clark Theology, History, and Biblical Interpretation

The Christian Bible serves as the sacred scripture of community. It is read regularly by many people around world today, as it has been for centuries. But how should one interpret this text? This reader presents a variety of pers


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Wiley Blackwell History and Clinical Examination at a Glance

Every medical student must be able to take an accurate history and perform a physical examination. This third edition of History Clinical Examination at a Glance provides a concise, highly illustrated companion to help you develop the


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Palgrave Pivot Eurocentrism and the Politics of Global History

Global history locates national histories in the context of broader processes, in which West is not necessarily synonymous with progress. And yet it often suffers from same Eurocentrism that plagues history, accepting Western


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Palgrave Macmillan The Sunna and Shi'a in History

Sunni Shi'i relations have undergone significant transformations in recent decades. In order to understand these developments, contributors to present volume demonstrate complexity of by analyzing political, ideol


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Routledge Cognition, Literature, and History

Cognition, Literature, and History models the ways in which cognitive literary studies may collaborate thereby mutually advance. It shows understanding of underlying structures of mind can productively inform analysis


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Springer Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment: A Study

The purpose of the present study is to life and work thought of a remarkable pioneering figure on Scottish scene over middle half, broadly, of eighteenth century, in their dynamic relations with that most extraordinary


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